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Factory Online Glass (Factory Online Pty Ltd ABN: 23 604 541 317) is a Sydney based glass fence wholesale. We supply frameless glass pool fencing, frameless glass balustrades, frameless standoff glass balustrade, frameless shower screens, stainless steel spigots, top rail, hinges, latches and other relevant hardware.

And we offer custom cut to size glass, mirror, splashback service.

As an online-based supplier, we would like to proudly introduce our business model, by understanding this, you will know why we can offer high-quality product with much affordable price.

 Traditional way 

 Factory --- Wholesaler (price mark up 20 %) ---  Retailer (price  mark up 30%) --- you

 Our way

 Factory --- Sydney warehouse (online direct sale) ---  you (save  50%)


Low price product doesn't mean we compromising quality. We are committed to providing quality products. Our products are manufactured to comply with Australian standards and certified by 3rd party.

If you are interested in our products or have an enquiry, please call us to speak to one of our experienced sales consultants, contact information shows below or visits our showroom.

   * Frameless glass pool fence, balustrades, shower screens specialist in Sydney

   * Custom Glass / Mirror / Splashback / Staircase Service

   * Installation service is available in Sydney area***

   * Professional glass truck delivery service to:

     Sydney, Northern Beaches, Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Macquarie & Wollongong.


Email: sales@factoryonline.com.au

Tel: 02 8005 1599   |   Mob: 0433 520 999  

Showroom: 221 Parramatta Road, Auburn, NSW 2144  (Mon - Fri: by appointment only)

(Opposite of Harvey Norman Auburn)

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Factory Online Glass 

Factory Online Pty Ltd (ABN: 23 604 541 317)