Face Mount Standoff Glass Balustrade

Frameless Face Mount Pin Fixed Standoff Glass Balustrade Supply in Sydney

Panel Size:

Standoff Glass Balustrade

Bottom hole to glass bottom edge distance is 50mm.

120mm between 2 holes vertically.


Standoff Glass Balustrade Project Photo

Standoff Glass Balustrade Face Mount Pin Fixed


Stainless Steel Standoff Pin:

Stainless Steel Standoff Pin


Standoff Pin Screw


Square 25x21mm x 5.8meteres Slotted Stainless Steel Top Rail

Square Top Rail


Face Mount Standoffs Pin Fixed Glass Balustrade 


  • 12mm clear toughened safety glass

  • Height: 1280mm

  • Width: from 600 to 1800mm, 50mm increment

  • Flat machine polished edges

  • x4 off 2mm radius corners

  • x4 holes for panel width 600 to 1450mm,

  • x6 holes for panel width 1500 to 1800mm

  • AS/NZS 2208:1996 Certified, A Grade

  • Australian Standard compliance logo etched


★ Frameless standoff glass balustrade is the hottest fencing solution in recent years. Renovation, DIY. It just adds the value for your lovely house.
★ Provides unobstructed views. It does not only look great but also provides maximum visibility when supervising children.
★ Fully accredited to Australian Standards AS/NZS 2208 and with certificate. Every glass panel has an etched Compliance Logo for your peace of mind
★ 2mm radius on each corner and polished side edges for additional safety.
★ 5 years replacement warranty. 

Glass Certificate:

glass certificate 2020


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glass balustrade design


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