Company Policy

* Glass and spigots supplied are in compliance with AS/NZS2208, AS/NZS1170.1 accordingly.

* Check glass dimension, hardware type and quantity before ordering. Return or exchange must be within 7 days from date of purchase. Restocking fee may apply.

* Glass delivery is by our professional glass truck and deliver to job site front only. Customer must present and organise glass unloading. If extra labour needed, inform us before ordering, we can arrange labor and fee apply.

* We supply material only. Customer takes responsibility to learn your local regulation and to order suitable materials.

* Custom glass lead time is generally 5-7 working days. Return, refund or exchange isn't acceptable.

* All stainless steel hardware must be cleaned by professional stainless steel cleaner after installation. And apply stainless steel surface protector once a year. Stainless Steel is Stain"Less", Not Stain"Free". Stainless steel is subject to rust, tea-staining, and corrosion, especially exposure to Australian salt air and moisture.

*If job site close to salt-water or moist, we recommend using polished finish stainless steel rather than satin.


* Safety Precautions When Working with Toughened glass.

1.Corners of toughened glass must be protected carefully. The corners are the most vulnerable points and need extra protection. If don't pay attention, there’s a danger of catching the corner on a snagging point and it could cause glass shattered.

2.To store glass before installation, glass must stand vertically. lying glass against wall, put 2 or 3 batten underneath and between glass and wall.

3.Wear proper safety equipment like, safety gloves, shoes, glasses etc, while moving glass or installation.